Hi! I'm Josep Montserrat, a freelance Motion Designer from Barcelona, based in Alicante, Spain.

I'm a postgraduate in Online Advertising and also graduated in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication.

I'm passionate about Motion Templates. I love preparing MoGRT for AdobeStock. I was honoured to be contacted by the Adobe Motion Templates Team before the launch of their great project for selling online mogrt at AdobeStock and I was glad to receive formation on their creation and amazing feedback on my job.

I have also discovered a new passion while teaching a full Introduction to After Effects course, which I developed and taught for 2 months. Now I'm planning to do some Online Courses and Youtube Tutorials on my channel.

Since 2013 I've been fortunate to create Motion Graphics Videos for Catalan Football Federation, AXA, Allianz, Ray-Ban, Audi, Nestlé, Font Vella, Schneider Electric, Red Cross, Adecco, Edenred, La Vanguardia, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu...

I usually make 2D explainer and promotional videos. I can take care for all the process (from the script, to illustration, animation and sound design), so you can spend more time managing your business.

If you need a video solution, maybe I could help you. I'm a good person.
Thank you!
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